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Introduction To Algorithms

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What is it?

This course is designed to gently introduce fundamental algorithms topics in non-technical, non-math-y language. It will provide a solid foundational understanding of how to approach coding questions that arise during PM interviews.

Who is it for?

This course is targeted at non-technical candidates (previous experience: none, up to 2 CS classes, or an online coding course).

What do I get?

The 8-part course features an in-depth explainer chapter for each topic, along with exercises and guided solutions.

Topics covered:

  1. Reading Code
  2. Writing Pseudocode
  3. What are Data Structures?
  4. Re-interpreting Problems as Data Structures
  5. How Computers Work — Memory
  6. Runtime
  7. Algorithms Greatest Hits
  8. Programming Languages

Why should you trust this course?

PMTL has built a reputation as a leading source of beginner-friendly technical material, specifically geared towards aspiring product managers.

David Cai, the author, has a BA and Masters in Computer Science from Rice University, and spent 3 years as a TA for 200, 300, and 400 level CS courses. He had software engineering internships at Evernote and Facebook before moving to product management, where he's applied his technical background as his skill differentiator.

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Download the first chapter for free here.

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Build your algorithmic foundation

Exercises and Full Solutions
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Introduction To Algorithms

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